Communication Plans


Collaboration is something that a teacher must be able to manipulate in order to be successful. By using technology to enhance collaboration, the teacher is better able to keep up with the needs and interest of the students. By using an IPad in class and allowing the students to take it home and continue work using a group message or GroupMe, the collaboration is able to go beyond just class time. Video Chat is another way to allow your students to collaborate even when they are not physically in the classroom. Skype and other free options give anyone with internet access the ability to communicate in a face to face manner and some allow multiple parties to join the chat, so more than two students would be able to collaborate.


Communicating with parents and other faculty is a vital part of student’s success. By using email and a class website, you are able to keep others updated without requiring children to have to keep with anything to give to their parents. This eliminates an issue teacher have been dealing with for years. I plan to send out a weekly email outlining our plans for the week, as well as any individual emails that need to be sent out to parents. For my class website, I can post homework assignments, reminders, and helpful website links that could assist in understanding of material being covered in class.