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Plan to support self directed learning

Lesson Planing : Before, During, After



5 minutes- Students will get into small groups, novels, and highlighters will be passed out

5 minutes- explanation of assaignment, as well as helpful instruction on which characters are possible to use for the assignment


15 minutes- Assist students in locating textual based evidence describing characters while wokring in small groups

5 minutes- Pass out large sheets of paper with markers, crayons, etc

15 minutes- research time period of novel on computers and tablets

10 minutes- plan drawing of charatcer with contextual background

20 minutes- carry out drawing and writing textual evidence on paper

10 minutes- begin wrapping up and cleaning work space


15 minutes- Students will share assignments one group at a time, while waiting for turn, students will be paying attention presentations

Total time: 1 hour & 40 minutes (could be spread out across several days)


Prerequisite skills:

Students should be able to locate textual evidence

Students should be able to use a computer or tablet

Studnets should be able to draw inferences from background information to come up with a new scene


Working with Technology:

While students are researching time periods, I will be coming around the classroom with quetsions to help them further their search, as well as any assitance needed in the research process.


Before children arrive:

-Prepare computers (log on and make sure internet connection is availible)

- make sure computers are accessible to groups of students, ensuring there is enough room for children to work