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Differentiated Instruction

This lesson plan is able to be modified in a variety of ways to include differentiated instruction. In areas of content, process, and product, all can be changed to include or leave out steps and activities to be possible for every student. The content of the lesson plan can be changed the least, the overall goal of producing a picture or idea from textual evidence can still be achieved. The use of assisting devices can be allowed for students to still complete this part of the lesson. The process is where there is the most ability to change what students are doing. Rather than using a computer, a tablet or other form of technology can be used to allow mobility. The students may also be assigned jobs based on their abilities in the project. Lastly, the product can be changed to accommodate for all students. I understand that all students may not be gifted in drawing, I myself am not gifted in this area. The students may get creative in what they turn in for the final product if I approve of it beforehand. Pictures or collages used to describe the time period, as well as figures or 3-dimensional art pieces may be made. This project offers a wide variety of accommodations, which makes it more exciting.