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Authentic Instruction Lesson Overview

Authentic instruction has very straight forward principles that carry quite a bit of meaning. This effective method of teaching gives students a deeper learning experience that will stay with them due to learning the how and why of something, rather than just dumping information. A brief description of an authentic instruction based lesson could revolve around a novel, for example. By having all of the students read the novel on their own, they are building learner autonomy and responsible for gathering their information. The students would then be put in collaborative groups and instructed to draw a picture using textual evidence. The students would then draw these pictures and cite the relevant information. This project would then go a step further by asking the children to research the time period of the novel. They would then add what they found through research to the picture, such as buildings, fashion, and technology of the time period. A presentation of the poster would not only teach the group who did the research, but also the students listening.

                This assignment fits the criteria of authentic instruction due to giving the students learner autonomy in their reading, making them active learners in group work and drawing,  having a holistic approach to the information presented by continuing research, and engaging in complex and challenging discussions to present this information to the class. Although the standard would to cite textual evidence in a novel, the learning process was much more than just picking sentences out of a passage, making it more engaging and fun for the students.