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Assistive Technologies

A. In this lesson, assistive technologies may be required or just helpful to some students completing it. When using computers. they will be using search engines such as Google Scholar, and Alabama Virtual Library to bring back quality information in a safe search environment. Many of googles search engines provide read-out-loud functions to accommodate for students with vision issues or learning the language. When putting projects together, apple products will be used and monitored. These allow differentiated languages and colors to help see font better. The text on all of these devices may be modified.
B. When putting in information, students will be required to type into search engines. Having a voice to text device would be very helpful to those students with difficulties using their hands or extremities. Modified keyboards are becoming increasingly popular because of their assistance with low vision students. I would like to have at least one available for use.
c. All of the assistive technologies mentioned above may be required by a students IEP, however, I would like to make all readily available to the students in my classroom. The specialized keyboard may be helpful for all students learning to type quickly. The text enhancing devices could also be used when students are presenting to the class to make sure everyone can see them.