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 taylor blog one 

A personal collection of lists photos ideas charts maps and rants (2009)


food book 

climate appropriate collection of recipes and ideas (2008)


 farmer barter

virtual community hub for indigenous urban nomads (2007)

 eco-social-nomic review of los angeles

review of eco-social-economic trends in southern california (2007)

los angeles permaculture guild newsletter

 Monthly community listings, events, resources videos and articles (2007)

 career review

documentation of past experiences, syllabus, and links (2006)

 rampart police department report

high school research paper on police corruption in Los Angeles  (2000) 


taylor's platial 

A collection of community based cartography of southern california

los angeles energy cookbook 

Gathering, hunting, farming, bartering, and giving the food (2007)

gaia journal

Journals, literature review, events, workshops and philosophy (2007)

farmer barter 

An evolving forum for exchanging resources and services (2007)


Photographs, paintings, videos and other pieces (2007)


Video gallery for food, natural building and other ecological interests (2007)


Assignments for an environmental design class LATTC (2005)


Assignments from an affordable housing class at LATTC (2004)


city repairist

student teacher therapist

   fruit picking taylorist 


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