All work in the Adventure Series is photography and short story. 
Each set is an independent adventure, inspired by real life occurrences detailed from beginning to end.

Newest work is at the top.
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52 Bridge Riverside Construction, Late 2016

Night of the LORAM, Late 2016

Child's Summer Night, Mid 2016

Child's Winter Night
Child's Winter Night, Mid 2016

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin, Late 2014

National, Late 2014

Top Shelf, Late 2013 (Remastered Late 2016)

The Concrete Mountain Yard, Mid 2013

Return to Lowry Bridge
Return to Lowry Bridge, Mid 2012 (Remastered Early 2016)

The Hunt for J.B. Ford
The Hunt for J.B. Ford, Mid 2012 (Remastered Early 2016)

An Evening in Duluth
An Evening in Duluth, Late 2011 (Remastered Early 2016)

Palace Theater
Palace Theater, Late 2011 (Remastered Early 2016)

Ascending the Central Tower
Ascending the Central Tower, Late 2011
(Remastered Early 2016)

Mortenson Construction Site
Mortenson Construction Site, Late 2011 (Remastered Early 2016)

Passing Surface Tension
Passing Surface Tension, Late 2011 (Remastered Early 2016)