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2d. Taylor County in 1886

Taylor County in 1886
The following article was found in The Taylor County News, July 26, 1945.
Taylor County In 1886
(By W. T. Cash)
An article in the Florida State Gazetter, 1886-87 gave Taylor County a population of 2182. The six post offices in the county were Perry, Salem, Shady Grove, Spring Warrior, Stephensville and Sunnyside. The following is the description of the county found in the Gezetter:
"The county of Taylor is bounded on the north by Madison, east by Suwannee and Lafayette counties, south by the Gulf of Mexico, and west by the Aucilla river, which seperates it from Jefferson county. The area of the county is 1080 square miles, or 691,200 acres, there being 327,970 acres assesed for taxes, of which number 624 acres (the writer must have meant 6240) are improved or cultivated lands. The total valuation of real and personal property amounts to $457,499. Of which amount $4,326 is credited to city or town property, and $105,718 to personal property. The ratio of taxation is four mills on the dollar for State, and 14 mills for county purposes, the assessment of this county being the highest of any county in the State. In 1880 the census returns from this county placed its population at 2,279, and the returns for 1885 show a decrease of 79. There were 134 Republicans and 209 Democratic voters polled at the election of 1884, making a total of 243 in the county. The topography of this county is generally level, the surface consisting of comparatively poor pine lands. Cotton, corn and sugar cane are the principal field crops; tobacco and rice are grown to a limited extent. Stock raising is the leading pursuit. The county is on the east by the Steinhatchee river and on the west by the Aucilla, while the Econfina and Fenholloway rivers lie between, each emptying their waters into the Gulf of Mexico."
Following the above description there were paragraphs concerning circuit court and county officers, which are given below.
"Circuit Court, Third Circuit, Spring term convenes at Perry, the county seat, the first Tuesday after the first Monday in April; fall term the first Tuesday after the first Monday in October, E. J. Vann, Madison, Circuit Judge; B. B. Blackwell, Jasper, State Attorney."
"County Officers: County Judge, John R. Kimbrew, Perry; Superintendent of Schools, T. J. Faulkner, Perry; Treasurer, D. S. Sutton, Perry; Collector of Revenue, J. B. Hardee, Perry; Sheriff, B. A. J. Tucker, Perry; Clerk, John Calhoun, Perry; County Commissioners, S. H. Peacock, D. F. McAuley, Perry; J. H. Poppell, C. A. Kelley, Spring Warrior; W. B. Tedder, Shady Grove.
The following was the description given of Perry:
Perry, Taylor County.
Population, 100. T. J. Faulkner, postmaster. First settled in 1860. The county seat of Taylor county is situated in the central part of the county, 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Greenville, 30 miles north, is the shipping point and nearest express station. Tallahassee, 60 miles northwest is the nearest banking point. Has five general stores, hotel, and Baptist churches. Sea island cotton, wool, hides and oranges are the principal shipments. Mail daily, land sells at $1.25 to $10 per acre.
Baxter, S. E. R. , physician
Calhoun, John C., county clerk , Carlton, C. W. & Co., general merchandise
Davis, W. B., general merchandise
Faulkner, T. J., general merchandise, postmaster, Superintendent of Schools and Justice of the Peace
Faulkner, Z. T., constable
Gornto, J. J., general merchandise
Gornto, J. M., lawyer
Kimbrew, J. W., deputy sheriff
Peacock, S. H., general merchandise, saw mill, cotton gin, properitor Union Hotel and County Commissioner
Sutton, D. S., County Treasurer
Tucker, B. A. J., County Sheriff
Wilcox, S. A., lawyer and physician
Cotton and Grain Planters:
T. J. Austin, John Black, F. J. Brannen, C. W. Carlton, G. W. Carlton, J. C. Carlton, W. O. Carpenter, B. Coleson, J. H. Courtney, A. J. Faulkner, T. J. Faulkner, D. F. Gamble, D. E. Gamble, D. E. Grantham, W. H. Grubbs, J. L. Hampton, T. B. Hendry, F. M. Houck, T. B. Humphries, J.H. Mathis, T. L. Morse, A. M. Parker, S. H. Peacock, Richard Sadler, A. Simmons, D. S. Sutton, S. C. Wilson, S. E. R. Baxter, R. R. Black, J. C. Calhoun, J. M. Carlton, H. W. Carlton, J. C. Carter, Reuben Coleson, N. Denmark, J. W. Faulkner, Z. T. Faulkner, W. H. Gainey, T. L. Gunter, R. Green, J. B. Hardee, B. F. Hagan, David Houck, J. R. Kelley, T. Kinsey, J. R. Morse, Mark Richardson, W. H. Sadler, M. Simmons, W. W. Towles, P. D. Woods, J. R. Young, C. C. Young.