I love to do things innovative on new business -- Start-up spirit, Fun, and Technology Management

Current Position

CEO, Slirlin Consulting -- one of the best consulting companies in BOT/OT/ROT investment planning, Villa and Farm planning, LRAD and Google Apps consultant, Taiwan

Faculty, National Taiwan University -- Department of Mathematics, College of Science, National Taiwan University

Ph.D. -- Institute of technology and innovation management, Jan. 2011

Business Interested

  • BOT
  • OT
  • ROT
  • BOO
  • Innovative Startup Business
  • Photography
  • Travelling

Peoject Experiences:

  • Consultnat, Ambassador Hotel-- the first 5-star hotel in Taiwan, famous for services, food and hospitality. Locate in Taipei.
  • Advisor, Asia-Pacific of Google Book Search -- one of the most potential growth area in Google Book Search , Locate in Singapore
  • Consultant, Hua-shan ROT project -- the most important Creative Cultural Park in Taiwan. Locate in Taipei.
  • Advisor, Web 2.0 Innovation Center -- one of the most advanced research centers in web 2.0 founded by private sectors. Locate in Taipei.
  • Advisor, National Center of Traditional Arts OT project -- the most welcome tourist site in North Taiwan and the largest Traditional Arts Park in Taiwan. Locate in Yi-Lan.
  • Advisor to e-Book Forum, Taiwan -- the most important organization to coordinate publishers, software&hardware solution providers, ISP, mobile operators, and copyright owners
  • Chair, Forum on Digital Publishing, TIBE 2007, World Trade Center Hall 1, Taipei
  • Researcher on the project of Korean Publishing industry : Paju Bookcity and Booktopia, 2006

  • Project Co-lead of a Web2.0 Travel web site, 2006

  • Internet2 Harvard University Representative, 2005

  • Project Advisor to a WLAN Content Business Application, 2005

  • Project Advisor to a Digital Content & Publishing Biz , 2005

  • Advisor to iB3G(WLAN and Mobile) Dual-Network project(Budget US$100 Million, Y2003~2008), 2004

  • Project Lead of Sports Portal site in TAIWAN, 2002, (http://www.justsports.net.tw, website budget: US$1.1million)

  • Project Lead of Information Sharing System of Justice in TAIWAN, Ministry of Justice (http://law.moj.gov.tw), 2000, the first in Taiwan

  • Project Lead of planning of I-Lan Entrepreneur Incubation Center (Incubator sponsor by I-Lan County Government and Ministry of Economic Affairs, http://www.ilectw.com, start-up budget: US$1.2milllion), 1999, the first in Taiwan's Government

  • Project Lead of One-stop service center of investment (coordinate over 20 sections), 1999

  • Project Lead of Job service portal for employers and job finders, http://104.idipc.e-land.gov.tw, 1998

  • Project Lead of I-Lan Computer Exhibition, 1998( coordinate over 100 companies)

  • Founder of Afreey Technology Inc.(http://www.afreey.com.tw, capital: US$21 millions),1998

  • Project Lead of Remote-Medicare on Internet Plan, 1997, the first in Taiwan

  • Project Lead of Remote-Learning Plan and Video Conference Center, 1996, the first in Taiwan

  • Project Lead of establishing County Education Information Center to provide ISP dial-up service, email service, and web pages hosting service for 60,000 students and 4,000 teachers, (http://www.ilc.edu.tw/) 1996

  • Project Lead of construction and planning the first local government website in TAIWAN (http://www.e-land.gov.tw), 1995, the first in Taiwan

  • Project member to Small-and-Medium Business Information service, Ministry of Economic Affairs( networking over 5,000 companies), 1995

  • Vice Lead to the project : implementation of a multimedia presentation tool, 1994

  • Research staff to the project : implementation of a multimedia editing and authoring tool, 1993

  • Research staff to the project : using wavelet transform to audio signal analysis and image mosaic, 1992

  • Research staff to the project : implementation of a multimedia sorting algorithm CAI software, 1992

  • Research staff to the project : implementation of a MPEG encoding/decoding software, 1991




            7/2005 - 7/2007

  • Establish the strategy and lead team members to develop online copyright trading paltform and a B-to-B/B-to-C portal site

  • Lead, digital forum and exhibition in Taipei International Book Exhibition 2007

    strategy and technology of e-book platform, marketing and feasibility study

1. Harvard University

Research Staff

10/2004 - 6/2005

  • Analysis and Research on the mobile telecommunication technology, market and policy (mobile, internet, VOIP); especially focus on USA, Japan, China and Korea

  • Team work with Internet2 Community

2. I-Lan Develop Co.

Vice President

7/2003 - 5/2004

  • Investment project management and hiring staff

  • Budget control and financial management

  • Work with CEO and Board members of the company to define the mission and strategic goals.

  • Define and execute the company’s role in public policy

3.Office of M-Taiwan, TAIWAN

IT Strategy advisor

6/2003 - 5/2004

  • Coordinate with III staffs to prepare the (weekly, quarterly, rolling quarters) forecast process by collecting, analyzing and reporting results.

  • Work with Ministry of Economic Affairs on budgeting.

  • Address internal and external policy inquiries.

  • Strategically plan for future policy initiatives.

  • Facilitate policy communication and the collection of feedback cross-functionally.

  • Create process and best practices for policy implementation.

  • Review and advise the policy and regulation in the telecommunication industry and legislative strategy

  • Project consultant to Mobile-Taiwan(Mobile and WLAN), initiate WiMax in Taiwan

4.Huang-Nen Technology Co., Taiwan

VP, Strategic Management

1/2001 - 5/2003

  • Reports to General Manger

  • Responsible for defining strategy in partnership

  • Regularly evaluate the operation and year-end analysis to the GM

  • Provide strong operational and analytical leadership on behalf of the company and active support of the annual planning process.

  • Create process and best practices for strategy implementation.

5.Office of Minister, Ministry of Justice

Counselor, the office of the Minister

7/2000 - 12/2000

  • Daily tasks including schedule management, calendar, travel arrangements and preparing itineraries

  • Submitting and tracking internal requests; coordinating meetings and group events

  • Assist in preparation of presentations and assist with correspondence, memos, charts, tables, graphs, plans, etc.

  • Responsible for attending weekly department director meetings and track action items.

  • Act as liaison with other Ministries, Congress and outside agencies, including senior-level management

  • Handle highly sensitive, confidential and non-routine information

6.Industrial Development and Promotion Co. Taiwan


8/1998 - 7/2000

  • Reporting to the Board members

  • Provides leadership and manages the administrative operations including: Facilities Management, Financial Services, Human Resource Services, Information Technology Services, Publications, and Conference & Meeting Services

  • Program Leader of the entrepreneur incubator

  • Program Leader of the education e-platform and e-HealthCare

  • Program Manager of the infrastructure development and information highway backbone system

7.Small and Medium Business Center, Taiwan


1/1995 - 12/1997

  • Responsible for managing a portfolio of Business activities and entrepreneurs' inventions in various stages of evaluation, marketing, patent prosecution and licensing.

  • Develop and implement strategies, and provide service and education to senior staffs in SMB.

  • Provide Small & Medium Business Solutions & Partners Information Ops &Technology to the community of 2,000 S&M companies and factories

  • Support expert guidance of e-Biz and e-Procurement to Gov and companies

    Conduct the first Project of a remote e-learning in Taiwan to the managers in SMB

    Lead of the first government web site  and be invited to join the Internet Expo 96'

8.Big Apple Tech Co.

Senior Software Engineer

5/1994 - 1/1995

  • Works with other members of the group to identify and recommend new approaches to develop a culture of continuous software process development improvement.

  • Responsible for the analysis, design, implementation and deployment of internet applications and tools.

  • Works closely with project teams (and end-users) to clarify project scope and specifications

  • Designs and develops application architecture, user interface, and defines database needs

  • Collaborates with various IT teams, including: requirements, development, database, quality assurance, and network.

  • Program Leader in hardware integration and software programming to implement the system and program that customers needed(PC based)

  • Leading the project of MPEG 1,MPEG 2 encoder and decoder programming

9.Ministry of Defense

Software Engineer

7/1992 - 5/1994

  • Participate in development of the National Defense Information Center's technology platform

  • Team member of the digital library for distribution and sharing of national defense research data and documentation

  • Report to Senior Manager of Software Development as member of software engineering team.

  • Participate in analysis, prototyping, implementing (programming), testing, deployment, documentation, and support of system.


  • Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, CB2 3HU, UK Business Intelligence, Open Innovation, Technology planning, Strategy Planning Training courses, Student at Sidney Sussex, University of Cambridge, 2009/9
  • DEAS, Harvard University-United States-MA Mobile Technology, Strategy and Policy, Visiting Researcher at Computer Science, Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2004/5~2005/6
  • Rank 1st among all candidates to Ph.D. program, TIM, National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Technology and Innovation Management, 2011/1
  • Rank 1st among candidate to enter MS. program, CSIE, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Multimedia data processing and algorithm, Masters in Computer Science and Information Engineering, 1992/6
  • Full scholarship without entrance examination to enter Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, 1990/6


  • Radio Program Speaker represented I-Lan County Government in a live call-in radio program to communicate with citizens about County Planning and Management, 1996/3
  • One of the eight Best Mathematics Geniusesin Taiwan, honored by the Minister, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 1986/4

Conference Paper:

  • Ta-Yi Lin, Mu-Yen Shu, 2002/5,”The government policy and R&D strategy of Chinese Herbal medicine in China ”, ITIS Workshop on the industry and technology in China
  • Ta-Yi Lin, Ju-Miao Yen, J.T.Wen, 2003/5,”The transform and creation of knowledge in the entrepreneurial process of cultural events”, Conference on Entrepreneurial Management, NCCU
  • Ta-Yi Lin, Mu-Yen Shu, 2003/7,”Research on policy and market of broadband in South Korea ”, ITIS Workshop on the innovation and creativity of digital content industry in South Korea
  • Ta-Yi Lin, 2003/11, ” Outsourcing and Building Effective R&D Capabilities Abroad”, Chinese Ph.D. Candidates Workshop at Ann-Tai Business School, Jiau-Ton University, Shanghai, China
  • Ta-Yi Lin, Yi-Wen, Chen, 2005/5/22, ”An empirical study: disruptive innovation of online-music in m-commerce industry”, 14th International Conference on Management of Technology, Vienna
  • Ta-Yi Lin, J.T, Wen, 2006/6/18, ”The evolution of value chain in mobile handsets market”, DRUID Summer Conference 2006, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Ta-Yi Lin, J. T. Wen, 2006/11, “A discrete-mathematical approach for the product life-cycle management -- the evolution of handsets”, THE R&D Management Conference Taiwan , Hsin-Ju, Taiwan
  • Ta-Yi Lin, 2007/6 "Diffusion of Olympics' Context in National Innovation System -- Case in South Korea", ISMOT 2007 , Zhejiang University Press, China

Working Paper:

  • Ta-Yi Lin, 2003/7,”STS's point of view on the history of Taiwan's Cypress”
  • Ta-Yi Lin, 2004/10, “Using Dual-mode Handset to make mobile network more user-friendly : six applications were implemented”
  • Ta-Yi Lin, 2005/1, “Analysis to the relationship between Infrastructure and National Competitiveness”
  • Ta-Yi Lin, 2005/4, “M-Taiwan plan promises multiple M-Gov benefits”
  • Ta-Yi Lin, 2005/7, “Mobile services to high-tech life style citizens—a case study of Nan-Kang Software Park”
  • Ta-Yi Lin, 2005/7, “Mobile services to high-tech life style citizens—a case study of Nan-Kang Software Park”

Additional Information to the Experience/Education:

(1)BS and Master from the best university in Taiwan

(2)12 years of Interest and experience in using technology and Internet to improve work efficiency.

(3)6 years experience interacting with all levels and departments within a company/government sectors – to include working with field offices, domestic and international.

(4)Good written and verbal communication skills in Chinese and English.

(5)Strong organizational skills and detail-oriented with the ability to handle multiple priorities. Team player with a positive attitude and a focus on business issues.


  • Simple Life : family activities
  • Sports: baseball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, swimming and skying
  • Photography and internet technology learning