Hundreds of framed patents hang on two separate walls at the headquarters of Motorola Mobility in Libertyville, Ill. They testify to the pride in innovation at Motorola, a luminary of American business that has survived corporate crises and enormous technological change. 
    In announcing its planned $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility last week, Google emphasized its interest in the company’s rich trove of 17,000 patents. That portfolio would allow Google to defend itself against foes like Apple and Microsoft in the legal arena, where billions of dollars in patent licensing fees can be indirectly negotiated through lawsuits and countersuits. 


      22 Aug 2011
    Sony Ericsson unveils Live with Walkman handset for music-loving Android users

    Four months after unveiling the relatively bare bones W8, Sony Ericsson has now taken the wraps off yet another Walkman phone, known as the Live with Walkman. Powered by a 1GHz processor, this Android handset features a 3.2 inch, capacitive touchscreen (with somewhat disappointing HVGA resolution), a five megapixel AF shooter with 8x digital zoom, and a front-facing VGA camera capable of capturing HD video in 720p.

    The petite, Gingerbread-equipped device also packs a lackluster 320MB of RAM, provides up to 32GB of microSD storage, and offers either tri-band 3G support (HSPA+) at 850, 1900 and 2100MHZ, or dual-band 3G at 900 and 2100MHz, depending on the model. And, as you'd expect, Sony Ericsson has placed a special emphasis on the music phone's media capabilities, beefing it up with enhanced audio and Qriocity integration.

    The specs may not sound earth shattering, but we'll wait until we get pricing information before casting judgment. The Live with Walkman is slated to hit "selected markets" by Q4 of this year, but you can find more information in the full PR, after the break.

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    HP and the Curse of WebOS

    HP announced today that it will stop making phones and tablets using the WebOS operating system. The company had hoped to use these devices and software to get a leg up in the incredibly competitive mobile devices market. 

    In an earnings call, HP executives praised the WebOS software, even while admitting the failure of the associated hardware. CEO Leo Apotheker called WebOS "elegant," and said the company plans to keep the software and perhaps license it. However, CFO Cathie Lesjak followed with numbers illustrating why HP has no choice but to dump its manufacture of WebOS hardware.

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    Following the devastation wrought by the recent Japanese earthquake, Apple has hooked the country's early warning system into iOS 5. The tectonically-volatile nation has the most sophisticated alarm in the world, delivering life-saving warnings seconds or minutes before disaster strikes. 

    iOS users already had access to this functionality via apps like Yurekuru, but iOS 5 will bring it directly into the operating system. The service can be activated in the Notification Center settings pane, accompanied by a warning that the constant connection will deplete your battery faster -- a fair exchange if it saves your life.

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    According to couple of reports last week, Apple is testing 4G LTE iPhones, which has led to some speculations that Apple may surprise us by launching their highly anticipated fifth generation iPhone that supports 4G LTE networks.

    The first report was from BGR who had discovered references of LTE in iOS 5 beta and the second one was from Engadget who published a photo of AT&T installing LTE equipment in Apple Retail stores.