"Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment, and communicate their discoveries to those around them."
The Audobon Nature Preschool

The science process begins with the use of senses in exploring the wonders  in the natural world.

Our Kindergarten students explore nature using their 5 senses in a year-long quest to become Earthseekers.  The young students walk to the log cabin where they meet Mother Nature (puppet) during their first visit to Tayamentasachta in the fall.  Mother Nature sends the children on an adventure in the Walnut Plantation where they must use their senses to find nature's wonders.  During their fall visit, the children also prepare gingerbread to cook in the bake oven and taste. 

The children return to the environmental center in the winter to continue their Earthseeker training.  Again, Mother Nature asks them to return to the Walnut Plantation and use their senses to find nature's winter wonders.  The students then listen to a story and prepare pine cone bird feeders in the farmhouse to hang from trees as they walk back to school. 

Finally, in the spring, the children arrive at Tayamentasachta one last time anxious to learn about their final adventure Mother Nature has planned for them.  This time, Mother Nature is not found in the log cabin, but she has left a note behind for the children.  They learn they must use their senses along a trail and search for her during their adventure.   After using their senses in nature to find wonders and finding Mother Nature, the students learn they have become official Earthseekers and celebrate!