Apple Harvest Day

“It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man.”
Henry David Thoreau
In autumn, our 5th graders celebrate the apple harvest.  This day is dedicated to everything APPLE!  Since Pennsylvania, particularly Franklin Country, has been a leader in the apple industry since the early 19th century, apple harvest day is an unforgettable learning experience for our students.  The highlight of the day is peeling apples, adding them to boiling cider, and stirring the wonderful smelling mixture in a kettle over fire to make delicious apple butter.  In addition, the children learn about the many different varieties of apples by taking place in an "apple talk" hosted and sponsored by Tawnya Tracey of Tracey's Orchard.  Tasting all different kinds of apples helps students to decide their favorite.  Making apple cider using the cider press is another favorite and tasty pastime they enjoy.  Other activities include making corn husk dolls, apple art, roasting s'mores over the fire, and taking a scenic wagon ride through our beautiful walnut plantation.