1st grade

Whoooo Takes Care of the Earth?        

Students in 1st grade eagerly sign up to become one of Owl's Five Star Helpers!  After receiving a letter from Mother Nature's friend, Owl, the young learners walk to Tayamentasachta where they meet Owl in the log cabin.  The children receive a booklet from Owl that includes a map they use to go on an adventure around the environmental center. 
Along the way, the students use their 5 senses to learn more about the world around them.  Each time they master a sense in nature, the children earn a star.  This visit is a continuation of the Kindergarten Earthseeker program and encourages students to investigate the natural world and fosters the development of scientific inquiry. 

The children return to the environmental center in the spring.  The students are eager to learn about the next adventure Owl has planned for them.  During this visit, the children compare living and nonliving things.  After an adventurous learning experience, the students are sent back to school with a packet of sunflower seeds from Owl to take home and plant with their family.