The Average Price of our Average Tax Return
Give me a call and I will give you a firm quote to have your taxes prepared in my fast, friendly and very professional office here in Pleasant Hill.
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Please read my thoughts on  How to choose a tax preparer.
My average client pays the prices stated below.
1040 long form with Sch A(itemized deductions) - $300
Long form with Sch C(small business) - $425
Long form with Sch E(one rental home) - $425
Long form with Additional State - $375
Long form with Additional K-1(partnership or trust) information - $375
This is my average final price to prepare a federal and state return with all of the required forms and schedules, to electronically file both returns and for year round service after the return is filed.
I could charge a little more or less depending on how your situation relates to my existing clients. If you pay more than my average client there is a reason. I do charge a bit more for newer clients unless your situation is simpler than my average client. Also, higher income increases my liability. This is why I choose not to prepare returns with incomes above $250,000. I have made the business decision to reduced my liability rather than raise my prices. 
My goal is to be totally transparent with my prices and services.