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Please read my thoughts on  How to choose a tax preparer.
My average client pays the prices stated below.
1040 long form with Sch A(itemized deductions) - $245
Long form with Sch C(small business) - $315
Long form with Sch E(one rental home) - $305
Long form with Additional State - $290
Long form with Additional K-1(partnership or trust) information - $275
This is my average final price to prepare a federal and state return with all of the required forms and schedules, to electronically file both returns and for year round service after the return is filed.
I could charge a little more or less depending on how your situation relates to my other clients. If you pay more than my average client there is a reason. This is directly related to the time spent preparing the return and the income involved in the return. Higher income increases my liability. This is why I choose not to prepare returns with incomes above $250,000. I have made the choice to reduce my liability rather that raise my prices.
My goal is to be totally transparent with my prices.
The Big Box Tax* services hide their prices and drive business into their offices through massive advertising campaigns. My advice is that you don't fall for this somewhat devious marketing ploy. I am not saying you should not go to the Big Box Tax* firms. They help many people with tax preparation every year. I am just suggesting that the local tax practitioner could be a good option for many people.
My goal is to make the tax preparation business more competitive. Hiding preparation fees and playing games with pricing is not how I want to run my business.

 Comparing my service to your present Big Box Tax Firm or your CPA:
Let's say that your present tax preparer is a CPA firm or a Big Box Tax* Firm.  The most accurate way to determine what you will pay for the same service with me is to cut 30% off last years tax preparation fee. It is always the same with my new clients. A $500 return from a CPA will be $350 in my office. A $350 return from Big Box Tax will be $245 in my office. My prices will always remain 30% less than most of my competitors that possess the same level of professionalism and experience.
But you might ask if you are getting the same service for this discounted price? To be honest the answer is no. Some Big Box Tax Firms will charge their clients the same price for a tax preparer with one day of experience or an Enrolled Agent with 10 years of experience. At some CPA firms the data entry clerk might key in your tax information. Please read my thoughts on How to choose a tax preparer.
Let's work together to make the tax preparation business more efficient and transparent.
*When I say Big Box Tax service I am talking about any company that drives business through withholding prices or "bait and switch" be it the 4 biggest tax prep companies or the biggest software companies. Even some local companies take advantage of this price distortion to gouge the customer. You need to know the price of the return before you walk in their door.