Charlie's Business Model

My name is Charlie Husen. I am a tax accountant, a Realtor and an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. I live on the border of Lafayette and Pleasant Hill and my home is just a few minutes away from our office here in Pleasant Hill. This proximity allows me to be available for my clients just about anytime. Call me during the day, in the evening or on the weekend. I love to talk tax anytime.
I worked many years for one of the Big tax preparation firms. My clients would always be 100% satisfied with their tax preparation experience until I told them the price. Since most of the reason for the high price of the tax bill was driven by the inefficiency created by the size of the company, I decided to start my own company.
Today, my Sister Kathy, my Son-in-Law Ben and I prepare around 750 tax returns every year for our neighbors here in Pleasant Hill. 
We are proud of our prices and our service. Give me a call for a price quote or check out my prices on the Charlie's Tax Prices tab on the right.  Use these prices as the final price that you will pay me for tax preparation, tax filing and year round tax advice.