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My name is Charlie Husen and I am a tax accountant and I am also an Agent Enrolled with the IRS. My Son-in Law Ben is also an Enrolled Agent and my Sister Kathy is a Registered Tax Preparer. Our family tax office is located directly above Slow Hand BBQ in Pleasant Hill. Here is my address: 1941 Oak Park Blvd, Suite 40 in Pleasant Hill
Give me a call and I will give you a price quote for us to prepare your taxes. First take a look at our prices and understand that I don't give discounts to new clients. Honestly our pricing can work to do the opposite. Although it's counter-intuitive, we generally charge a premium to new clients compared to our existing clients because my office is focused on giving good value to all of the 700 neighborhood clients that come to us each and every year. What I am trying to express is that older clients pay the least on average. Call this discount loyalty, or base it on the fact that I know their situation in and out, as they do mine. 

Our office is focused on giving good service to our existing clients. During tax season we have no time to prepare "one time" returns for people that normally prepare their own taxes. I would generally refer these "one time" clients to services that are expressly set up to handle these returns. H and R Block or Liberty Tax are examples of such quick services. If your situation is more complex, there are CPA firms like; Porter and Yee and JGR that can help. 

Feel free to give me a call during tax season and I am always happy to answer questions and give advice all year round.  

My office in Pleasant Hill.
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Enrolled Agent # 89858