Caravan taxi           

In kerala many type of taxies are used travelling purpose.mainly the taxis are painted yellow with blue strip in the middle.taxis have yellow number plate.veraities of colours are used in taxis.taxicab also known as taxi or cab.most of the taxi do not have air conditioning system.private taxi containing air conditioning system included.the taxi charge is based on the travelling.expencive taxis increase the taxi charge.veraities of taxis are white taxi,chepeast taxi,black taxi,normal taxi etc.the city consists of taxies are expencive so people use normal taxi.the normal taxi have lowest cost.in kerala consists of many type of taxis.

 Caravan is one of the best tourist taxi services in kerala.caravan  consists of many facilities are LCD,refrigerator,washroom with toilet and semi sleeper seats etc. caravan kerala provide safety travililng with many type of facilities.people can go anywhere in the caravan.caravan consists of many things provide.caravan is the one of the respected tourist taxi services in kerala.caravan kerala include kerala taxi packages,house boat tours,honeymoon packages,kjerala tour package,and home stay packages etc.caravan used in vecation trip and business trip etc.caravan travelling is luxury and comfort.the caravan taxi is expencive.the charge is costly.the caravan include all the facilities.the kitchen also included.home facilities include in the caravan taxi.caravan taxi have good air conditioning system.It is the one of the best taxi to travel.