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This site is intended as a convenience in providing tools and information for Union County District Tax-Aide Volunteers.
 Anyone interested in joining us may enroll at AARP Foundation's Tax-Aide or IRS Volunteering website.

Welcome to the 2020 Tax Year training period. The big change this year is that all training sessions, at least thru 12/31/20, will be done virtually. In addition, the earlier training sessions will be dedicated to the new volunteers but sometime in December, the sessions will be open to all volunteers. Returning volunteers will be relied upon to refresh their skills by using online material, posted on our website, and on TaxPrep4Free. Of course, senior members of the group will be available to help clarify anything that is not clear to a volunteer As occurred last year, Tax-Aide provided Chromebooks will be the only computers allowed in TaxSlayer's production region, while Chromebooks and any personal computer may be used in Practice Lab. Remember we are all required to protect our clients' information.

A special challenge during the tax preparation season will be to establish conditions that are safe for our volunteers and clients. Guidelines for doing so have been defined and each LC will work with the respective host to establish a safe environment. With your support, patience, and some tolerance we can make the 2020 tax preparation season a success.

 TaxSlayer Springboard

 TaxPrep4Free's Preparer Page

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Union County site locations, LC, start date, and hours of operation.

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Dates and events for the tax season.