NJ Tax Links

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NJ Treasury Links               
 NJ Dept of Treasury  Starting point for official NJ Department of the Treasury
 Income Tax Forms & Instructions  List of State tax forms and instructions (pdf files)
 NJ Individual Tax Pubs  List of State tax publications (pdf files)
 NJ Veteran Exemption Submission Form

 Veteran Exemption form to submit DD-214
 NJ Veteran Exemption Guidance

 NJ Dept of Taxation guidance on how to claim Veteran Exemption
 NJ Use Tax Chart  Use Tax Calculation (Worksheet G) from NJ 1040 Instructions
 NJ 1040-V Payment Voucher  Fill & Print Payment Voucher
 NJ Intake/Interview Form

 NJ Intake/Interview Sheet Every Client needs to complete
Inquiry Screens               
 NJ State Refund 1099-G Inquiry  On line inquiry to retrieve previous year's NJ state refund. NJ no longer mails them.
 NJ is no longer mailing Unemployment Compensation Information but it is available online. Must have the client's: Unemployment Benefits Online ID + Password + PIN
 Homestead Benefit (Rebate) Amount  On line inquiry to retrieve rebates from 2010, 2011 and 2012.
 Note: 2012 rebates were received in 2015.
 NJ Webfile   Useful for filing 1040-H (Homestead benefit only, no other returns to be filed)
PTR Assistance               
 Current Year PTR Forms  Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze) Forms.
 NJ PTR Preparer Tool  Provided by TaxPrep4free.org; a simple web app that helps fill out a PTR1/2 income categories. 
 PTR Income Worksheet Sources  Quick link to TaxPrep4free.org's guide to determine PTR Income Worksheet sources.
Other NJ Tax Aids            
 2017 NJ Special Handling Topics  Quick Link to TaxPrep4Free's Handy guide on NJ specific handling procedures
 Handling NJ Property Tax Credit  NJ Property Tax Credit flow chart
 How to Handle NJ Property Tax Recoveries  How to Handle NJ Property Tax Recoveries flow chart