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May 5, 2009

It has been awhile since I have written an entry.  I must say that my life has changed super dramatically since the last time that I typed away on this page.  Things that are the same:  I still enjoy running, I work at the same company, I drive the same car, I still find myself most happy when motivating others.  Things that have changed:  Momma Aguirre past away last year on May 9th.  No stinkin' thinkin' is what I remember most about my mom.  She was and still is a true inspiration and gives me motivation every single day.  My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy - Caleb William Degnan-Aguirre.   He is an awesome nephew and I love him O'LOT!  I am now living with the super fantastic Stepheroonie in Marina del Rey.  I enjoy living in our new place, it feels more like home.  Another huge decision that I made was to separate from Mr. Woods.  I reevaluated our relationship and realized that I was unhappy.  New adventures are on the horizon for 2009.  I have met some great people and look forward to fun times ahead.  Speaking of fun times, let's take a glance at what we can look forward to in 2009:

Miami:  May 13-17th for Badonka's and Ernie's 30th Birthday Extravaganza!

Hollywood Bowl Summer Concert Series - Summer2009

Camp Pendleton Mud Run - June 13th, Go SEXY SUCIOS!

Nike Women's Full Marathon - October 18th in San Francisco

And I know there will be mucho mucho more to add to this list soon enough :)


April 22, 2008

Once upon a time there was this HUGE...

April 17, 2008

Running is a lotta fun and it makes me smile.


A rather amusing videotape of a man caught in an elevator for 41 hours -->LINK

April 15, 2008

Let's get PHYSICAL!

How low can ya go!?

So here is a neat tool that you can use to test your push-up skills --> LINK

April 14, 2008

Concerts are a comin'!  Concerts are a comin'!

Bent Festival!:

I clicked across this cool event: LINK 

April 9, 2008

Sometimes, I close my eyes really hard.

New Zealand!

So if you are going to New Zealand, perhaps you can work on a farm and enjoy a free stay!  LINK


I am going to see RADIOHEAD at the Hollywood Bowl!  Woohooo!


This is totally cool -- a height and weight chart with photos!  LINK


Ok so I have been totally MIA for awhile.  But I do have great news for you all!  There are many cool events that are coming up and I am going to share them with all of you.  Dollar in the hat please...

Are you CHEESY enough?

 April 19th, there will be a Grilled Cheese Invitational in LOS ANGELES!  The location is yet to be revealed but you may enter as a contestant or just go to be a judge. 






Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moving soon... Stay Tuned!


Fridays are FUN DAYS -- Check out this cool event at the Getty Center. 

March 21, 2008: Something in Spanish
Opening the season is Brooklyn-based threesome Something in Spanish. This avant-pop band fuses elements of experimental free jazz, '50s pop, and electro-chill. Leave it to songbird Michelle Perez, jazz cat Jules Monterey, and visual artist Ari Kuschnir to effortlessly blend ear-popping beats with eye-popping visuals. Something in Spanish offers a little something for everyone—from straight-up rump-shakin' dance music to relaxing melodies you can chill to. It's a whole lotta show with a tinge of glow.   LINK

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hello there!


Modern day products photo shopped into vintage ads - terrifico!  LINK








Organic brands and where they come from --> LINK

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tally HO!


Ok so many of you might think that I am cool, sophisticated, funny, entertaining, blah blah... But what a lot of you might not know is that I am also a Muy Excellente BAIL BOND AGENT!  That's right a Bonafide Bail Bond Agent ~  see below!  LINK

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

 Wednesdays are for SUCKAS... To me, it is a FRIDAY!

I want one!:

A little one is all that came out so far...  Still waiting for the BIG one --> LINK

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jolly Day Mates!


Time to take that script out from beneath your bed, un-crumple it and make some MAGIC!   Plotbot has created a great online site that allows you to share and edit your script.  Time to get ridiculously CREATIVE! LINK

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday...I wish it were a FUNDAY!


Stuck behind a Firewall and can't do much about it... Well get out from under there and start CREATING stuff with Twiddla!  You can chat, share ideas, mark up sites and the best part is that it is a WHOLE lotta fun!  Check it out here --> LINK

Musical in a Food Court?!:

A group called IMPROV EVERYWHERE decided to  stage a musical in a mall food court in Downtown LA.  Check out the video and blog here --> LINK

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Can I get a woo woo!

For all you SICKOS!:


Refunds!  Get your REFUNDS here!  Sickos, refunds, what in the heck are ya talkin about lady!?  Ok well here it is -->  Airborne has recently settle a false ad suit, yep that's right!  That stuff really doesn't work, or does it...  Read the excerpt below from the NY TIMES:

[Airborne said that a double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted with “care and professionalism” by a company specializing in clinical trial management, GNG Pharmaceutical Services.

GNG is actually a two-man operation started up just to do the Airborne study. There was no clinic, no scientists and no doctors. The man who ran things said he had lots of clinical trial experience. He added that he had a degree from Indiana University, but the school says he never graduated. ] 

Still want some more --> LINK

If you purchased the Airborne product and would like to be reimbursed, click here --> LINK

1000 Fans!:

 A very interesting article on establishing and maintaining minor celebrity status - have a base of at least 1,000 fans.  LINK

 Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wake up! Wake Up! Wherever you are!


Anke Weckmann - very cool stuff... LINK





Cool Wallets:

This site has some pretty cool wallets that are created by artists from around the world!



Give it a whirl!  These guitars help keep things COOL by chillin' the drinks.  Very awesome for your next party!  Cheers!  LINK








Calling all runners!  The Nike Women's Marathon registration is now OPEN.  Well, kinda.  They are holding a random drawing for all those that register.   So, register now and you will find out on April 1st if you made the cut.  I am registered and if you would like to join my team, add the email to your registration.  Once selected, we will work on getting some cool costumes together.  Recruits so far include:  Mr. Woods & Jkilla...get on the team..if you are cool enough ;) LINK


Downtown LA, Art, Wine, Walk  -- Put them all together and then clap your hands for the Downtown LA Art Walk!  The walk is every 2nd Thursday of the month.  The upcoming art walk will be held on March 13th.  Check it out --> LINK


Close your eyes and think hard...Need more Radiohead on the West Coast...Need more Radiohead on the West open wide  and guess what!  We got it!  Radiohead will be performing in Golden Gate Park, SAN FRANCISCO!  Golly Ohhh!  August 22-24th, the lineup is still TBD but the confirmed headliners are:  Radiohead, Jack Johnson and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  Fantastico!  LINK

(Thanks to JKilla for the 411!)