Recommended Links

 Freedom Around the World:

Democracy and Human Rights - This website rates the amount of freedoms found in every country in terms of civil rights and personal liberties. Pick a country and find out how much freedom its citizens experience.

Index of Economic Freedom - This website uses criteria to measure the economic freedom of every country around the world.  See the top 10 or search for the freedom score of a specific country.



Global Village of 100 People (Presentation, currently working)-

Global Village of 100 People (Website, not currently working)- Eye-opening presentation of the characteristics of our human world

The Girl Effect #1 - This is the original version of the presentation.  Watch this one FIRST!

The Girl Effect - This presentation shows the powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society.  This revolution to end poverty begins with girls in the developing world.

 7 Billion from National Geographic   Similar to the Girl Effect but about world population

The Tank Man - This incredible documentary discusses the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, the Tank Man, China's economy and the disparity between Chinese cities and countryside, and censorship.  This is an excellent 90 minute documentary that is very powerful.  This movie is highly recommended!

World War II - By watching this series of movies from the BBC, you can learn about Dunkirk, the Bombers and the Bombed, Evacuees, The Secret Army, and D-Day.  Just click on "Launch the Animation". 

Current Events:

CNN Student News - 10 minute news video - Great Stuff!

CNN Challenge - The CNN Challenge is the ultimate online weekly news quiz. Prepare to answer the when, what, why, where and who of the week's news stories in the CNN Challenge and chose your favorite CNN anchor to be your host throughout the quiz game. Make the CNN Challenge your favorite weekly current events quiz!

Animated World Clock - This website keeps up to the second world statistics for population, illness, environmental issues, death, energy consumption, crimes, food, and more.  Check it out!  It is pretty cool!

Newseum - The Newseum displays these daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form from all over the world. Click on the continent tab to see front pages of newspapers from other countries!  Some front pages may contain material that is objectionable to some visitors. Viewer discretion is advised.

Time for Kids News - Read the latest news stories in kid friendly language.

News IQ Quiz - Test your knowledge of important people and events in the news.

Who's Who and What's What News Quiz - See what you know about important current events.

Virtual Exhibits:

African Voices - Videos and sound stations provide selections from contemporary interviews, literature, proverbs, prayers, folk tales, songs, and oral epics.

The Geography of Slavery - Did you know people put out classified ads for lost and found slaves? Also take a look at what slaveholder records look like at this "Geography of Slavery" site.

Save the Words - Are you interested in adopting a word to keep it from going extinct?  Check out these words and their definitions.  Adopt-a-Word if you like it!

Maps & Graphs: 

World Cartograms - Cartograms for hundreds of categories - FASCINATING!

Environmental Issues in China - 6 really cool interactive graphs and an interactive environmental issues map of China

AIDS in Africa - See animated maps and people charts and animations with current AIDS statistics in Africa.

Timelines - Have you ever needed to see events on a timeline to help you understand them?  Search for any event or year and see a timeline of events.


Dance Drummer - Learn to play African Drum beats and watch video clips of African drum performances.

Listen to the Poo Song to learn the importance of sanitation and clean drinking water.


Geography Games:

Geography Games - Studying for a map quiz?  Then this is the PERFECT game for you!  Practice identifying countries and landforms.  Need some help learning the countries?  Then try the tutorial program.  Think you already know all of the countries?  Test yourself on the expert level.  Most importantly, have fun!

Middle East Political Map Game - See if you know any of the countries of the Middle East. Play this game where you will have to identify countries of the Middle East ona map. There will be 25 countries to identify.  Be aware that this game does not have all of the features you need to know for the Quiz! 

Middle East Physical Feature Game - This is a timed game for practice in identifying various physical features in the Middle East.  Be aware that this game does not have all of the features you need to know for the Quiz!

Copy Cat - Test your continental knowledge and your memory in this geography game.

Where's Buster?- Use the clues to locate Buster.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

Coast to Coast - Test your geography knowledge by playing this online board game.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

Geography Quiz - Select your region and then test your geography knowledge. 

Network Challenge - Discover the best path from your start city to your final destination.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

Market Manager - Distribute ice cream to your friends.  Select a map and divide it into four equivalent regions.

Map Skill Games:

Eye of Rom - Practice your cardinal directions by navigating through the mazes.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

Find Your Longitude - Get lost at sea and then discover your longitude.  You must have SHOCKWAVE to play this game.

Symbols and Keys - Discover the meaning behind map symbols and keys.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

Grid References - Learn to read a map grid.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

Scale - Play this game to help you understand map scale.  Maps can't show things the size they are in real life so they use scale.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

Image Ace - Satellite Map Game - Help Orbit find Terry Firma by examining satellite photos.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

The Jeweler of Memphis - Collect materials for the head jeweler by navigating around the map.  You must have SHOCKWAVE to play this game.

Paint the Map - Paint the map of the USA to show how each state compares to the national mean or median.  You must have FLASH to play this game.

Middle East Games:

Keep the Aquifer Clean! -   Help Wellhead Willy keep potential ground water contaminants from touching the ground and polluting the ground water.  See how well you can do from preventing the pollutants from hitting the ground!   Shockwave is needed for this website.

Willy's Pollution Puzzler - Deciding whether ground water pollution is coming from point or non-point sources is the first step in preventing it.  Play this game to learn the difference between point source pollution and non-point source pollution.  Shockwave is needed for this website. 

Droplet and the Water Cycle - Droplet has fallen from his cloudy home and landed on the Earth. Though the rainforest is beautiful, he misses his home. Can you help Droplet find his way back to the clouds? Avoid pitfalls and predators as you navigate through several challenging levels of the hydrological cycle. Learn how water is recycled and how Droplet can "get a lift"!  You must have FLASH to play this game. 

Willy's Water Cycle Memory Match - Willy's got a great way to learn about and remember the water cycle.  Shockwave is needed for this website. 

Virtual Oil Well - Strike it rich! Play this fun game to learn the process behind discovering oil. First complete your preliminary research on oil, and then select a drilling location, or call in a consultant. Make wise decisions because you do have a budget!  Java is needed for this website. 

Thinkquest: The Traveler - Have you ever wanted to travel through time? Well, you can do just that on this site. You are about to travel through ancient Greece to discover the culture that exists there. While on your travel you must decide if you want to travel as a merchant, princess, or a scholar. Depending on which traveler you choose to be will determine how you will be treated.

Asia Games:

Ask Asia - Practice your Chinese and Japanese with games at this website.  Also, click on Explore Asia to see maps, history, people, and culture.

Philippines Corner - Learn about the Philippines at this fun website! Learn the national symbols, hear music, tour landmarks, and more. There are even Filipino folktales.  Adobe Flash Player is required for this website.

Early Imperial China  - This site takes you to an interactive room inside a museum, where you can learn all about Imperial China, from famous tombs to methods of warfare. Just click on each item and artifact within the room to learn about a different aspect of this Ancient culture. You'll encounter fun games and activities to help stimulate your mind. Get started on this historic adventure!

Countdown to the Chinese New Year - Get ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year by playing these interactive games.

Economics Games:

Another Action Hero: Learn the Economics of Entertainment through the eyes of the film industry. After each question, click on the “Bonus Feature” to see a short movie about each economic concept. An EXCELLENT economics game!

Fed Chairman Game: Think you have what it takes to be in charge of our country’s central bank? Want to be in charge of monetary policy? Be the Fed Chairman and learn how interest rates, inflation, and unemployment interact and influence one another when you take charge of this simulated economy. Be ready for a few surprises along the way!

The Food Court - Learn about mergers, competition, the history of business practices, and pricing by visiting the various areas of the Food Court.  Headphones or speakers are needed for this website.

Fling the Teacher - How much do you know about economics?  Test your knowledge in this Millionaire style Economics Game!  Answer the questions correctly and Fling the Teacher through the air.  Good Luck! 

What in the World is Money? - Travel around the world and back in time. When you are in another country, trade your things for local money. You will need money to travel through time.

Trading Around the World - Play this game to experience the challenges and excitement of international trade. See if you can get the best price for the goods you sell and the biggest bargains for the goods you buy. Watch how the global economy is doing: the prices you'll be able to get and the deals you can make depend on how healthy the global economy is.

Monetary Mania! - This is a Quiz Show about Money!  Test your brain with 20 questions here.

Trillion Dollar Bet - When implemented after its discovery in 1973, the Black-Scholes Formula went on to dramatically change the face of finance and create a multi-trillion dollar industry. Explore the theories behind this miraculous formula. Then navigate the mysteries of trader talk with this easy to use guide, and see the impact online trading is having on today's financial world. Think you understand the stock market? Try your hand at this virtual trading game; the only risk is your pride!

The Trade Ruler - Read up on the positive effects of international trade on this site before playing the Trade Ruler game. Nobel Prize winner Bertil Ohlin developed an interesting theory about international business and its effects on economies. Apply this theory in the game to make your virtual island flourish! There is a link to the game at the bottom of the webpage. 

Africa Games: 

Water Festival - Discover the importance of water.  Hop in the raft and catch a wave! Be sure to stop at all the tents as you ride the rapids down the river! There are games to play and lots of interesting information about water at the Water Festival. You'll find out such things as where water comes from to how we use it to how to conserve it.

Hydration Game - Why is water so important?  Discover the importance of water by playing the hydration game.

Death in Sakkara: An Egyptian Adventure In this RPG, you are journalist Charles Fox sent on a mission to find a missing archeologist. See if you can solve this mystery in this award winning game.

Darfur is Dying - Play this Darfur game to see how life has taken its toll on the refugees.  You may also learn more about Sudan and the government there. 
Puzzle Pipes - Build a working sanitation plant for your village. Complete the pipeline to carry waste to the sewage tank.

Pani the Handpump - In this game you will help villagers in Nepal, Ghana and Ethiopia to gain access to a clean water supply by reading the text carefully and answering the questions correctly.

African Jungle Safari - This fun game will let you feel like you are there while you drive the safari car and take pictures of the lions that are being tracked in Kenya.

Tomb of the Unknown Mummy - Who is buried in the tomb?  Use a lantern to explore the tomb and collect artifacts to identify the unknown mummy.

BBC Pyramid Challenge - As a vizier, or head of state, in ancient Egypt, you are responsible for building the king’s pyramid. To be successful, you must be smart and resourceful. You should be able to motivate your workforce, have an understanding of pyramid architecture, and know how to steer a barge up the Nile, avoiding hippos and crocodiles. See if you have what it takes to be a pyramid builder in this awesome game!  You must have Adobe Flash 9 to play this game.

BBC Mummy Maker - Help Wanted: Embalmer Needed. Visit this site and help Kha, the chief embalmer, prepare Ramose for burial. Learn the steps to mummification and the meaning behind the ceremony. Grab your tools and let's go.  You must have Adobe FLASH to play this game. 

Vocabulary Hangman - Play hangman to practice your Africa vocabulary words.  This exercise is a twist of the classic game, Hangman! Your task is to guess words associated with Africa within a limited number of moves. Are you up for the challenge?

World War II Games: 

Destination D-Day- Complete a sabatoge mission behind enemy lines.  Click on "Launch the Game".

The Battle of the Atlantic - Defend the U-boats and guide your convoy to safety.


Myths and Fables - Read African Folktales with wonderful illustrations.

Beyond the Fire - Fifteen teens from seven war torn countries share their first hand accounts of how war has altered their lives.  These teens come from Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sierra Lione, Somalia, Bosnia, and Kosovo (Serbia). 


Lonely Planet  Travel around the world.  Visit many different countries.  See photographs, video clips, maps, and information about many countries around the world.  Have fun!

Copyright-Friendly Images:

The Commons - The Commons is a great place to find images that are free of copyright restrictions.

Morgue File - This photo collection contains thousands of images that anyone can use for free in academic or commercial presentations. The image collection can be searched by subject category, image size, color, or rating.

Edupic - provides free photographs and drawings for teachers and students to use in their classrooms. Mr. Vann is an amateur photograph (a good one at that) and a teacher. Mr. Vann gives permission to teachers and students to use the images in any manner needed for instructional and learning purposes.

Animal Photos - is a great source of Creative Commons licensed photos of animals. All of the photos are categorized by animal.

Photos8 - is a great place to find thousands of images that are in the public domain. These images can be used in any way that you and your students see fit. There are twenty-two categories of images of which the largest collections are of animals, birds, and sunsets.

Yahoo Images - MUST USE THE CORRECT FILTERS!  has an option similar to Google's for finding Creative Commons licensed images. When you search for images using Yahoo's image search tool, you can select filters to refine results to show only images that are licensed under Creative Commons.

FedFlix - Public Domain Video Clips - hosted by the Internet Archive, is a collection of nearly 2000 films produced by the US government during the 20th Century. The topics of these films range from presidential speeches to agricultural practices to public health and safety. Some films are instructional in nature, for example there is a film for police officers on how to arrest someone. Other films are more informative in nature and some films are flat-out propaganda films. All of the FedFlix films are in the public domain so feel free to reuse and remix them as you and your students desire. The films can be downloaded or viewed online.