Duke TIP Information

If your seventh grader is in an advanced level class or a TAG class at River Trail, s/he should have brought home a notification letter explaining about Duke the Duke Talent Identification Program. If your child not already done so, it is attached below. The letter explains how eligible students who choose to participate may register, it answers many questions, and directs you to the Duke's TIP website for the answers to any other questions and for program enrollment. 
Notification letter attached below.
The address to enroll is https://apply.tip.duke.edu/
The Duke TIP website is http://www.tip.duke.edu/
The Duke TIP calendar for 2014-14 is here http://www.tip.duke.edu/node/216

NEW!!  Info from Duke    http://bit.ly/1d5fbN6
Laura Tavel,
Sep 27, 2013, 10:22 AM