Questions people ask the Pantekoek Family .
Danger: A lot of writing, and very little proof reading has been done in this section of the site so far.

Do you know the Bible? The Constitution? The Declaration of Independence?
One who forget his history and roots is doomed. Do you know what we declared Independence from?


Declaration of Independence?

United States Constitution?

Are we a republic or democracy? Do you know the difference?

Our political affiliation: None, we vote our conscience. Democrats do not get many of our votes due to moral issues, and Republicans don't excite us either as they let moral issues slide in favor of dollars. Tea Party is interesting, but we are really looking for God fearing people who love this country the way Madison loved it when the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written. When it comes to skin color we love the varieties God created and believe all men were created equal, and that a proper study of the constitution will reveal that our God fearing founding father believed so as well.