It should not wonder you, as both Old and New Continent has been formed by faith of Jesus Christ, that my family was meddling not only on field of religion and culture but very often also in the sphere of politics. While usualy we preffered to not bind ourself to any particural political party, we was always playing key and leading role. Through ages, based on our philosophy, many strong political ideologies has been developed. One of them that on begining of past centuary has leaded to Ressurection of Commonwelath of Poland was Prometheism. Prometheism that also these days is so needed, not only in Central and Eastern Europe but also in the World of Islam. Our traditional stronghold that is polluted so much by same antisemitic propaganda that we was facing during  interwar period...

The Promethean ideology and organic work however would never resurrect our Commonwealth without political support. At this time our major arm was Polish Socialist Party, that we has confounded. However, just as in current time soon PPS has split. It was again Pilsudzki blade of Japanese katana that has separated this political camp on PPS Mlodzi (Young) and PPS Starzy (Oldies). The first fraction - Mlodzi was through 2 years; without too much success; trying to bring Bolshevik revolution to the Kingdom of Poland, mainly through targeting my grandfather. After two years of their suicidal attempts they lost all the public support and Starzy (Oldies) has taken up the steer of whole party, together bringing independence not only to Poland but whole Central European region.
After successfully wining battle for Polish Independence and repulsing Bolshevik blizzard; paradoxaly in few years our Uncle (Stryj), has been forced into exile to Sulejowek villa. However, the 24 April 1926 German-Soviet Union treaty; that has been direct threat to our further existence, has mobilized polish nation and his supporters. Quickly together with officers still loyal to Polish Statehood he has performed so called May Coup de Etat. In consequences Sanation movement has been created. An unique non-formal cooperation of political forces working for moral healing and restoration of order. Something that especial these days for many politicians from both the left and right is a dream model and counterweight to Bolshevism and Nazi ideology. Ideology that like red hydra is raising their heads, again.