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"The Printing Press proved to be essential to the Reformation for the following reasons. The demand for books became huge as Europe was coming out of the medieval era into the Renaissance. This hunger for knowledge allowed once the Printing Press was invented Knowledge and ideas that were not usually assessable easily obtainable.

This allowed people to become more literate and rethink about their faith. The Printing Press meant that people like Martin Luther were able to spread their word quickly and easily resulting in the Reformation."

Since Martin Luther has begun Reformation many things has changed. The history has wroten many sad but important lessons. Both Adolf Hitler Nazism or Jozef Stalin Bolshevism are giving important hints, where our Teutonic opponents, together with thier eugenic clones and slaves can lead mankind. Moreover, we has gained even more important tool that for Luther was the Printing Press. It is Internet, our great hope for breaking this darkness that has ovverruned our plante recently. Teutonic madness, that is trying to bring mankind on the Mars or in best case enslave it and move back into New Middle Ages. It is for real. However, Witkacy is back. And creates...
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