Welcome to the Tel Aviv University Optical Society of America Student Chapter website.


Tel-Aviv University is the biggest research institute in Israel. It conducts active research in all fields of Optics and Photonics.

Our primary goal is to establish a social network of students from different fields and laboratories of Optics that would like to participate in our activities.  

We welcome all students from Tel-Aviv University who are interested in Optics and Photonics to join our chapter. 

If you belong to another research institute or to an industrial facility which is involved in Optics we welcome you to contact us to establish mutual activities.

HUJI to TAU OSA chapter visit 27/10/2011

Hebrew Optics

An academic and social event of the OSA chapter members from
 Tel Aviv University, Weizmann Institute, Ben Gurion University, the Technion and the Hebrew University.  

Tuesday , 22.3.2011 , 9:00-17:00

Hebrew University, Givat Ram Capmus, New lab building

"Hebrew Optics" event

Congratulations to the Tel-Aviv University OSA Student Chapter academic advisor, Prof. Ady Arie, who has been 

designated the rank of OSA Fellow!

For significant contributions to the development of periodic and quasi-periodic nonlinear photonic crystals.

Scientists Night 2010
Many different activities, including optical phenomena presentation by the chapters representatives, were presented at the International Scientists night that took place in Tel Aviv University (and many other places around Israel) on 20.09.10. The full program can be found here. 
It was fun for our chapter representatives at least as much as for the kids :)

Researchers night

LaserFest is a yearlong celebration, in 2010, of the 50th anniversary of the laser, which was first demonstrated in 1960.  It is a collaboration of the American Physical Society (APS), the Optical Society (OSA), SPIE and IEEE Photonics Society.  From DVD players to eye surgery, the laser is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century—one that has revolutionized the way we live.
Events around the world will showcase how the laser works, the history of the laser and its impact on society, and the laser's potential for the future.  To learn more, please visit the LaserFest Web site:
Details regarding the planned "Hit the target" activity can be found at this document.

LaserFest outreach activity - Hit the target

Photos from other activities are in the Photo Gallery.