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posted Jul 8, 2012, 6:29 AM by David Katz   [ updated Oct 15, 2012, 3:09 AM ]

This will be my last post, sadly.

TAU in the News began as a self-standing blog on 12 February 2010.  Before that, it was part of my own personal/teaching blog, profdavidkatz, and before that, I used to send group emails to TAUFAC-A, beginning on 22 October 2009.  Even earlier, when I was Chair of the Department of History, I used to post emails under the general title of The Decline and Fall of the Romanian Empire: Dispatches From the Front Line at Tel Aviv University, 2002-2006.

Apart from having fun, my initial motivation was to inform, and since I probably waste more time on the internet than most people, I thought that providing the links to information relevant to Tel Aviv University in particular and Israeli academia in general was a kind of public service.  At some level, I hoped that Higher Ups might take on board some of this material and move forward in a positive manner.

Anyway, I'm carrying on at profdavidkatz, so that the aliens in outer space who will be reading our blogs millions of years from now will know that I'm still here in Planet TAU, for a while anyway.

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