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The history of Tau Delta goes back to the year 1915, when nine girls on campus became very closefriends. They became a definite group on campus. There was a ban by the order of the faculty that was no special groups could be formed among students, especially ones with Greek names. Therefore, nothing was done. In the spring of 1920, there were rumors of the removal of the ban. At this time, the group took steps to form a constitution. The constitution of Phi Sigma Espilon (The Alumni Chapter of Tau Delta) was voted upon, officers were elected, and the first initiation was held in June of 1921. The following February, 1922, ten girls on Otterbein's campus met to organize a social club which was meant to be a students chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon. However, the ban on Greek societies was still in effect. For this reason, the girls chose the Japanese phraseTomo Dachi, meaning "circle of friends" as their name. The organization was accepted by the faculity and Tomo Dachi became one of the first recognized social groups on campus.

In 1930, Opal Wylie designed a crest for Tomo Dachi. The shield on the crest represents the armor that enables us to conquer life's obstacles. The ten stars on the circle stand for the ten charter members of our sorority. The flaming torch symoblize our personalities which can light the entire world, while the lap represent the lamp of knowledge. The tiny flower is the sweet pea, our origional sorority flower. The diagonal stripes of blue and while denote the sorority colors. The crest was redesigned in 1965 by Karen Brubaker to include the Japanese letters for Tomo Dachi and the white rose, the alternate flower.

The depression in 1937 forced Tomo Dachi and many other social clubs to disband. In 1943, the alumni chapter re-established our sorority on campus. The constitution of our alumni chapter was changed in 1945 so that Tomo Dachi actives could immediately join Phi sigma Epsilon upon graduation.

The Greek words, "Tau Delta" were substitued for the Japanese phrase "Tomo Dachi." The nickname TD's was adoped and became the symbol of friendliness and loyalty on Otterbein's campus. During the 1957-1958 school year, TD's was replaced with Deltas. In that same year, the sorority adoped the Siamese cat as the mascot.

In 1978, Tau Delta went inactive on campus due to insufficient memebers. In 1981, the alumni chapter re-established the sorority on campus for a short year, however, Tau Delta was inactive again in 1982. In 1988, a group of friends decided to form a sorority. The alumni chapter allowed them to use the name Tau Delta. These five girls were Ruth Nevin, Julie foltz, Lisa Waln, Sue Dugdale, and Jen Jeffers.