Tatyana Minina grew up in Odessa, Ukraine. In 1980 she graduated from Odessa State University and got her Specialist degree (usually equivalent to MS degree) as a philologist and a teacher of the Russian language and literature. Her first job after college was teaching Russian as a foreign language at the Military Academy in Odessa. She had been working there for 2 years. Later Tatyana realized that her passion was to teach children, so she began working at a middle/high school as a teacher of the Russian language and literature. Tatyana has been working as a school teacher for more than 20 years. Also, during this time period, she has been continuously giving private lessons and really enjoying working with children of all ages. Tatyana loves the challenge of realizing her students' full potential, teaching them to express ideas clearly, and to be creative and independent. 

Since immigrating to the United States, Tatyana taught Russian privately to children and adults and worked as a math tutor in Greenwood Elementary School in Seattle during 2016-2017. Now Tatyana lives in Irvine, California. If you or your kids are interested in learning or sharpening your knowledge of the Russian language, please get in touch with Tatyana using the contact information on the right.

Contact info: 

email: tatyana.vladimirovna.minina [obvious symbol]

phone: 206-739-6281