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Hello to my blog, my name is Linda and i'm 22 years old. I think you are looking for good tattoo ideas and tired searching in google and see some crappy images of tattoos. exactly same happened to me when i first started to search for tattoo ideas, all of images i found was same, it was very bad feeling, i wanted to make tattoo on my neck but did not knew what type of tattoo to make. I make my first tattoo on my chest when i was 21 years old. 

This is my first tattoo, i think it is very cool ^-^

  it was very cool but i wanted some cool tattoo on my neck, but google did not helped me to find good tattoo ideas, so i started using tattoo forums, i  have asked people to help me, i was very happy when i got some replies, most of them suggested me tattoomenow, first i was afraid that i can't find my tattoo idea on this website, but when i looked closely i saw some good  images, also i've read that they have tattoo artist and i can contact them to  any time, also they have big online tattoo community for their users, price for all this things was very cheap, now they are even cheaper because they have discount, also they have money back guarantee, so i purchased it.  After 3 days i went to my tattoo artist and made tattoo on my neck.

                i think it is very simple and beautiful


 maybe if i have not found that awesome people this amazing tattoo were not be on my neck, i hope this post will help you to find best tattoo ideas for you, i hope you will join our online tattoo  community,  thank you for reading my article.