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April Minutes

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March Minutes

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February Minutes

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May Minutes

posted May 30, 2013, 7:55 AM by Deirdre Wingell

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March Minutes

posted Apr 9, 2013, 7:39 PM by Deirdre Wingell

March 2013 TPA Minutes

February Minutes!

posted Mar 1, 2013, 4:49 AM by Deirdre Wingell

Here they are! Please come to our March meeting.  March 14, 8:45AM in the cafe.

TPA minutes February 14, 2013

Attendees: Deirdre Wingell (pres), Briana Brennan, Ann Marie Reynolds-Lynch, Wendy Poyser,
Kelley Zinkevich (sec), Laura O’Connor, Becky Alt, Linda Mak, Tracy Novick (school committee),
Susan McAuliffe (v principal), Erin Dobson (principal)

Meeting called to order at 855a

Introductions and welcome

Review of last month’s minutes-DW

Treasurer’s report-DW-ending balance $4707.84, Skylite, pencil grams and McDonalds to be
added, all field trips and Spree Day monies have been allotted, funding request from ED to
purchase pizza for Magic Day-approved

Emener Chimney Maintenance-DW-local chimney cleaning business has offered to give 10% of
March-May services when “Sweeping Tatnuck” is mentioned as a way to encourage community
partnerships, extended to friends and family, DW will post offer on Facebook, all in attendance
agreed to support

Kona Ice-DW- last year’s Spree Day supplier has moved to Florida, Coco’s Ice in Auburn can
accommodate 600-700 people, DW will pursue

McDonald’s night-tabled

Teacher Appreciation-WP, BA, tabled

Spree Day-DW-LM asked how the day was run, family members are welcome, outdoor games
and activities, bouncy houses, snow cones, June 13, rain date June 14

Library-BB- volunteers are coming in, students have been encouraged to donate books to the
library and they are, as well as teachers

5k Road Race-ARL- wants to create an event on TPA website, DW will create, event has already
been posted on coolrunning website, KZ proposed a loan of last year’s Destination Imagination
$ for start-up funds for t-shirts and custodian-approved, suggestion for childcare for parents
who are running, BA offered to staff childcare, ARL requests more volunteers for event, police
presence for race is all set

Bookfair-BB-3/11-3/15, classes will attend bookfair by library schedule, make-up will be 10:30
on following day, challenge each classroom to contribute coins which will be matched by
Scholastic, theme is Disgusting Science Lab with great/gross ideas offered by BA

Kids in the Kitchen-BA-2/28, 530-730, dinner and activities up to 100 people, notice will be sent
before Feb vaca, the program promotes healthy eating choices and eating as a family

Boks-BA-starting up first week in March, kids who began in Sept are allowed to finish second
session, wait listed kids will be priority

Officer nomination-KZ-new board is needed, notices/nominations will be sent home, e-officer
position proposed for internet newsletter, blasts, etc, tabled

Bingo for Books-ED- planned for April, J Monfredo donated books and may give us more,
discussion around bookswap on the same night, M Tozer to mc?

MCAS-no dates yet, check DOE website

Copier paper-ED-12 cases were donated, we have a business partner who has agreed to help,
teachers are rationing, KZ and DW are working on email notices

Evening meeting-KZ-proposed evening meeting for 4/10, 6-7p, ED approved, BA requested
childcare, BB suggested M Tozer kids

May Art show-KZ- last year’s art show well received, will contact B Simmons and D Campangna
for help and interest, tabled

Chair Fundraiser-ED-auction for chairs proposed, still firming up details

Mixed Bag fundraiser-KZ-tabled until September

CPPAC- Tatnuck needs representatives, TN reports budget update will be covered in March, BA
and KZ will attend 3/13 7p

College Friday’s- ED- many thanks to DW for requests to local colleges, many schools have
donated items to Tatnuck

Sheila Aframe Memorial-ED- proposed plaque for Sheila Aframe, a lover of reading, ideas
include memorial book donation from friends and former students, gold plaque in the library
on a bookshelf, fundraising, a springtime timeframe, library volunteers agreed to look into
bookplaques, Guertin’s, a library event, flyer/letter for donations

Historical Museum-TN-free next week, take advantage of it

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