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                                               Classic Text: 

    As a novelist Herman Melville wasn’t well known until after his unfortunate death. He was known for few of his writing but after his death, he was widely known across nations for his great fiction works. The most widely book widely book known by him was Moby Dick. The books that were most wanted were those with the adventures of the sea to his writings.
    The novel Moby Dick is known as a classic text first for its morality. It teaches the moral lesson that taking revenge is not always the answer and at the end, only leaves more negative. As for Captain Ahab, revenge against Moby Dick only brought him to his death.

    The author uses effective language throughout the novel, for it contains such seaman terms such as “ye” and “ol” instead of you and old. This kind of language influences the reader to stay connected in a more realistic way with the sea adventure held within the book. Herman has also made this novel a classic text for the text’s credibility. His descriptions of the sea, crew, and the sea animals seem so vivid throughout the novel that images flow throughout your mind. This novel also has truthfulness within, for it explores life events and consequences such as starvation, fear, and death. Moby Dick is a novel that continuously highlights revenge as its overlying theme, for it always shows the consequences that revenge leaves behind. For these characteristics, it is evident that the novel Moby Dick is rightfully classified as a classic text.