Last Update: 2 Aug 2010

This site will contain information on my DIY (Do-It-Yourself) audio projects, primarily loudspeakers. I've been designing and building my own speakers since high school, and feel my skills have progressed to the point where I can begin publishing projects. This site will contain build plans, schematics, and commentary for each design.

Currently, the only thing here is my "Whetstones" project, a mid-efficiency filtered full-range design that has surprised many single-driver skeptics and won awards and accolades at DIY events. It's an inexpensive build, with its bill of materials coming in just under $110, and it uses a single Tang Band W4-1052SA driver to cover more than than eight octaves - from 60 Hz to 16 kHz, while measuring within +/-2 dB across its range. You can read about the design here, and then you can build a pair of your very own.

The Firestorm project is moving into the enclosure build phase. 3D renderings are posted.

Irons in the fire (and there are many; to be finished in no particular order) :

  • Carnivore Subs -- A lot more bass.
  • Firestorm -- My quest to set the world on fire with only a few watts.
  • Neutrino -- Compact mini-monitors with underhung drivers.
  • Cinnabar -- An integrated LCR home theater speaker bar with amazing bass.
  • Vanguard -- An acoustic-suspension 8" two-way, four years in the making.
  • Scalar -- A new take on column line-source speakers for pro audio.
  • SRT -- High technology pro audio loudspeakers for sound reinforcement.
  • Hurricanes -- Decent mid-fi on the hyper-cheap.

Need to get in touch with me? I'm on the Parts Express Tech Talk Message Board, under the user "Taterworks"; send me a PM with your issue.