World Class Robot Design

    We started of by looking at last year's robot, Zebrabot and Christmasbot to get ideas and see what needs to be a part of the knew one. Our team split into four groups to make 4 robots. One with our two newest members Macy and Rohan, who were making a quadbot named EV, which is short for EV3. Another group with Sebastian and Joel making a quadbot called Rotobot for rotation robot. The third group was Cordelia and Amelia, making a tribot called Pumpkin Pie, because pumpkin pie is cool. Finally, we had Kai working alone on a tribot called Awesomsauce. After testing which could run the straightest (forward and in a square), and brainstorming pros and cons, we decided on using Rotobot's design and made a darker colored duplicate. 

    However, since all of the team didn't like the name Rotobot, we brainstormed new ideas and renamed Rotobot "Degabot" for the Degabah system from Star Wars. We named the duplicate Shadowbot for its dark coloration. Later, our team decided to use the Shadowbot in competition and Degabot became the team's showbot, or robot used specifically for showing off to the judges. It is also a backup to use in case anything happens to our other robot.

    We also created several accessories to be attached to the robot. These accessories function in many different ways including being used to pick up loops, throw balls and flip switches. These were upgraded over time.

Cordelia and Amelia building their robot, Pumpkin Pie

Kai building Awesomesauce

Macy and Rohan building EV

Joel and Sebastian building Rotobot, now named Degabaht