World Class Project

    This season, each team is required to ask a question: "How can we improve the way people learn ______?" Teams then have to choose a topic for that question and find a new or improved innovative solution and present it to judges.

    Our team spent one of our meetings thinking of what our question could be about. 

Our team's ideas for the project

    Eventually, we decided on the question "How can we improve the way people learn to ride a bicycle?" Once we came up with this question, we brainstormed ideas and voted on the solution that we liked the best. We decided on retractable training wheels named Retracto-Wheels. Once the Retracto-Wheels are attached to your bicycle, when you turn the twist-shift on the handlebars forward, the Retracto-Wheels go up, and the more you turn it forward, the more the training wheels go up until they are at the top and all the way up. Then you can’t turn the twist-shift forward anymore. When you turn it backwards, the training wheels go back down until they are all the way down, and then you can’t turn the twist-shift backwards anymore. This way people can choose when they want to use training wheels in the middle of when they are riding their bicycle.

    We have visited a bicycle shop and repair store to learn more about bicycles and to get advice on our solution. We also got some books from the library to help us with our research. We have also emailed and talked to a patent attorney to see if he thinks our idea would be patentable and how to find out if it is innovative.

    For our project, we decided to to a skit. We ended up doing a gameshow called "So You Think You Can Ride A Bicycle". The characters in the gameshow are: Host, John Roberts - Joel, Co-host, Maria - Amelia, Contestants, Team of 2 - Macy and Rohan, Contestants, Team of 2 - Sebastian and Kai, Inventor, Invented Prize for Winning Contestants - Cordelia.

    For all of those who are interested, this is out team's final script.

    At the competition

World Class Project