Trash Trek Robot Design

At the beginning of the year we built two robots, one built by Sebastian, Joel, and Fiona, and one built by Cordelia, Macy, and Rohan. We ran a bunch of tests and ended up picking the one built by Sebastian, Joel, and Fiona. Their robot was all black, so when we built the second one that was exactly the same but was red and white. The red and white robot we named Peppermint and the black robot we named REX4EV3, REX for short. REX is our competition bot, which means we use it to do the table runs and Peppermint is our show bot, which means we use it to show the robot design judges. We can also use Peppermint to run the missions on the table if REX breaks. Our robot has tubes in the tires so they are sturdier. At the regionals we got a high score on the table of 500, which is the highest score a team got at our competition, so we got the robot performance award. The top score we can get from our 5 programs that do 10 of the 13 missions is 736 points.

We took advantage of MyBlocks to simplify programs. Once all our programs were finished, we used MyBlocks to combine them into one big program where we could run each individual program with only the press of a button so we could save time scrolling. Another thing we do is use magnets on our robot to save time. We use them for attaching and detaching accessories quickly and so we can leave our accessories on the mat for missions like the compost mission but still be able to retrieve them with our robot later. To save time we also reuse accessories so we don’t have to waste time taking them on and off.