Trash Trek Project

In the Trash Trek Season you pick a piece of trash, research it, and make an innovative solution. We made a big list of things we could use for our piece of trash. 

After we looked it over we decided that our piece of trash should bea balloon because balloons are a big problem in the world and they kill lots of animals, like an animal could eat a balloon and choke or it could get tangled in the ribbon. For example, beach litter surveys have shown the amount of balloons and balloon pieces found on beaches have tripled in the past 10 years.

Our solution is a water soluble balloon called the Soluballoon. Water soluble means it dissolves in water so if it lands in the ocean it will dissolve before animals eat it. It dissolves within minutes! It is also non-toxic so it will not put harmful chemicals into the water. In fact, they use this kind of plastic called PVOH (PolyVinyl Alcohol) in things like coffee bags that dissolve when you are making coffee, so it is definitely non-toxic. Even if animals do eat it they won't get sick, hurt, or die from it because it will dissolve  while they're eating it! This solution does not exist yet and will be great for the future of marine life. Our solution is now patent pending.

This year at State we won the Global Innovation Award. That means we are eligible to apply for the national Global Innovation Award, and if they pick ours we can move on to Washington D.C. for the finals. They didn't pick ours, but it was still cool that we won the award.