Senior Solutions Project

    This year, we had to research problems that seniors have and how we can fix them. This includes broken bones, traveling, diseases, memory loss, leg injuries, eyesight and hearing. We chose what we would do by voting.

    For the project, we decided to do memory loss for our problem that seniors have. Our team voted and it won against things like osteoporosis, hearing problems, getting around, random sickness, other stuff and other other stuff (What? Oh, just kidding). Now we are researching for ideas on how to fix it.
   We met with our senior partner, Kathi Knope, who used to be a substitute teacher at our school and has early stage Alzheimer's disease.  She and her husband Peter came and talked to us about the problems she faces and how her life has changed since she got Alzheimer's.  

On October 1st, we brainstormed some ideas about devices to assist seniors with memory loss. One idea was to make a piece of headgear to remind seniors of things, and tell if they recognize someone.

We have gone on several field trips.   We went to a morgue, where a Neuropathologist and a neurologist   told us about some brain diseases that some seniors can have. There, we also got to watch them dissect a brain that had Parkingson's and Alzheimer's disease. We also went to a place called Senior Services, which has classes for seniors, comes to their house if they need them, and also ships food to them if they have problems cooking. Lastly, we went to Concordia Village, which is a retirement village for seniors who don't want to live alone anymore.  We recently attended a big Alzheimer's conference where we learned more and shared our ideas.
    After voting, we decided what our (uninvented) "invention" would be! 
We decided it should be:
A pair of glasses.
    Seriously. But not just normal glasses! It has a camera on the nosepiece that, when shown someone or something familiar, then it sends a signal to a Bluetooth in the person's pocket. Then THAT sends a signal to something in your ear and a quiet voice that only the person wearing can hear says in your ear what or who they are and your relation with them, if you have one. The caregivers just download things onto it and then it's all set.
Below is our team practicing the skit.