Nature's Fury Project

    Our mission this year for the project was to create an innovative solution. This time we needed to solve a problem about natural disasters, including avalanches, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes.
    We started thinking about it before the season started, but we didn't choose a topic until after it began. After some voting we decided to do floods. One reason for this is that we thought that floods would have many realistic and easy solutions, unlike other disasters such as volcanoes. We also decided to choose a subcategory for that and decided to do basement flooding, which affects many people every year.
    Our device is a moisture sensor. It is installed around your basement in the ground and has the ability to detect the amount of moisture there. When it detects a high percentage of moisture it will send an alarm that goes through your house. In case you are not at your house it will also send you a text/email letting you know. This gives homeowners a chance to save their items before floods start. 
    This is different from other flood sensors because other ones warn you when there is already water in your basement. However by this time your things would already be ruined. Our detector warns you before water gets into you basement. We described our solution to a builder and he said he had never heard of anything like this before.
    We also learned from some people that we talked to from Buraski Builders that our solution could be used as a backup system and could let homeowners know if other flood prevention systems such as sump pumps are working or not, as sump pumps keep water mostly away from the house, so if it senses water it means the system isn't working and needs to be fixed. It would still mean that you would need to try to save your stuff.
    We talked to many people and experts about this, including house builders, insurance agents and homeowners. 

    For the skit we decided to try something new and make a song as our skit. The song was made by Joel and Kai and was based off Bohemian Rhapsody, called Floodwater Rhapsody. Those who liked singing would pretend to be on TV, one person would be an announcer and the rest were pretending to watch it, so we all gave information. We tried to divide up the roles so everyone would be pretty happy.

    Here is a video of our skit!

T.A.T.D.Y.A.L.F. Team Skit Nature's Fury Season

Please note that this video does not have the changes we made after regionals.