Hydrodynamics Robot Design

        At the beginning of the season, we split into groups and built 3 different robots. Isha, Fiona, and Sarah built one, Orlando and Rohan built one, and Macy and Cordelia built one.

This robot was built by Cordelia and Macy,
who named it Bellatrix.

 This robot is built by Orlando and Rohan, 
but it was unamed.

This robot was built by Isha, Fiona, and Sarah,
who named it Flash.

        We tested all three of the robots on things like sturdiness, veering, and turning, to see which robot was the best. After we tested, we voted on which robot to choose and decided on Bellatrix. The robot built by Orlando and Rohan was in second place, and Flash was third. Bellatrix is a box robot, meaning that it is in a box shape so you can put on armor-like accessories easily and fast. Bellatrix has two large motors for the wheels and 2 medium motors for the frame. It also has two color sensors and one gyro sensor. Because the sides are so flat and smooth, it allows us to use wall followers and to line up easily in base.