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Core Values

        Core Values are things that you should use during FLL, such as team identity, respect, sharing, etc. We get graded on it during the tournaments. At the beginning we always get teamwork exercises, which is when you get a task that your team has to do.  After that the judges ask questions to you asking what were some ways you represented core values in different ways, and if you did any outside of FLL. Our team made a poster and put speech bubbles that were "saying" the ways that different people did different things. These are some examples of the poster.

        We printed up some sheets showing the poster and different sections to give to the Core Values judges.    
        The teamwork exercises can include throwing things, building stuff, and moving things from one place to another with certain rules and 
objectives. It actually doesn't have to do with if you get it done - it has to do with if your team works together to solve it. In fact, sometimes
they give teams impossible tasks! We just have to deal with working with our team. This year, we got three different exercises for Core 
Values: in regionals it was agreeing with our team if two very tangled ropes were untied or tied without touching it, in state it was trying to 
build a bridge with nails that connected two wooden blocks that already had two nails sticking from the top without moving the cubes, letting
 the nails touch the cubes or letting them touch the base, which was a white sheet of paper under everything and in national we were 
supposed to build our solution to one of our team's problems. Out of those, I think that the one in state was an impossible one. :)