Food Factor Project

The project is where you find a problem about a certain subject and then research it and come up with a innovative solution that solves the problem you are researching. To explain your solution, the teams come up with skits to show to the judges, which can include game shows, movies, commercials, plays, etc in 5 minutes, and then answer questions to the judges.   

 For the food Factor Season, we decided to learn about the problem of tapeworms in fish. We researched about how they live and infest fish, how they are dangerous for people and  how we can get rid of them and kill them. 
    We had to have a solution for tapeworms getting into fish and how we could kill them. There was a list of what we could do to get rid of them, such as special machines or poison or a special home freezer, and eliminated them one by one. But then we asked a scientist in London named Dr. Littlewood if parasites are good in any ways for ideas, and he said that parasites aren't all bad because they are part of the food chain, so that let us eliminate the poison and a few others because that really meant that they weren't all bad and we shouldn't kill all of them. We still needed an idea because we needed to kill the ones in our food so people wouldn't get sick, and we chose the special home freezer. We chose this because there weren't any home freezers that could go cold enough to kill parasites, and we also chose other things like that it should be a refrigerator and freezer so you wouldn't have to buy a separate fridge and you can save money, and another drawer in the freezer part that  freezes other items at a less cold rate. There is going to be a picture of this soon.

    Then we created a game show skit to share what we learned. The game show was called Are You Smarter Than A Tapeworm. We added some funny things into it to make it better.
     We made a video of our game show skit. This is the skit! The tapeworms on the right are Joel, Aiden and Ankeith and the students on the left are Sebastian, Jacob and Justin. The hosts are in the middle and are Ken and Samira. This was made a while ago, so it won't have some of the changes we made after the regional tournament. 

Tapeworm Presentation

    So the students won and the tapeworms literally got iced. As you can see, we put our refrigerator/freezer in the game show because we needed to show how the solution we came up with worked. We had to explain the problem and show things about how it works and solves the problem.