2011-2012 Food Factor Season


    We had the Food Factor challenge in our first year in FLL. In the Food Factor Challenge, 4th to 8th graders from more than 55 countries explored the topic of food safety and examined the possible points of contamination our food encounters, from exposure to insects and creatures, to unsterile processing and transportation to unsanitary preparation and storage and then found ways to prevent or fight these contaminants.
    This year, our team members were: Jacob Parker, Justin Nawajej, Samira Cheruku, Joel Ryan, Sebastian Sirais, Ken Brudnak, Aidan McParland and Ankeith Gupittali. The main coach was Kyle Blais and there were some assistant coaches too (sorry, I don't remember their names). There was also another FLL team at our school called RoboTech and a Jr. FLL team called Lego Factory.
    Since this was our first year, we were a rookie team! So everything was completely new to us. In the Food Factor Challange, we had to research different ways that different foods could be contaminated, and we then had to research how we could prevent it. Afterwards, teams would make a project telling what the problem was and how you fixed it. To fix the problem, you had to 'invent' a machine or item that would do it. 

    Our team also won trophies during the Food Factor season. We won two trophies: one at Regionals and one at State. We didn't end up getting one at the National tournament, though. The trophies were the Rookie award in regionals, and the Best Presentation award at State for the project.