Islamic Inventions

Islamic Inventions



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Did you know that the Egyptian doctor Ibn al-Nafis recognised that the lungs purify blood in the 13th century, nearly 350 years before the Europeans?

Or that the 1st flying machine was invented, constructed and tested by Ibn Firnas of Islamic Spain in the 800’s, nearly 500 years before a latter invention?

Or that the Arabs treated the mentally ill with music therapy as early as the 9th century?

Today, few people are actually aware of the significant contributions made by the Islamic world to the progress of humanity. For more than 500 years Islam not only led the world in science, but was the only portion of mankind actively engaged in the systematic pursuit of knowledge.

Islamic Inventions aims to show you how much Muslims excelled in the search for knowledge and education, going through the main areas of contribution and recognising Islam's achievements during this golden age.


Islamic Inventions will teach you Islam's contributions and developments in the fields of:

- Medicine
- Mathematics
- Trigonometry
- Astronomy
- Chemistry
- Surgery
- Geometry
- Agriculture
- Architecture
- Art
- Music
- Paper
- Optics

and much more!

You will learn who:

- Invented Algebra
- Devised the notion of The School, University and the Library
- Built the 1st University in the world
- Invented Distillation, Purification and Filtration
- Invented Plastic, Petrol and Rubber
- Invented Insulin and Penicillin
- Invented the Windmill
- Invented Soap
- Invented the 1st Camera
- Discovered Coffee

and much more!

Islamic Inventions is a truly fascinating and inspirational application that takes you on a journey through history presenting Islam's achievements and many of the ingenious individuals who have contributed immensely to the betterment of humanity.

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Islamic Inventions