a software to display and compare phonologies 

This is a mere prototype to show what I want to do with Phonemicon (btw, thanks Nae/Naeddyr for the name). It reads the language definitions from an .ini file, whose format is not documented yet (for it's subject to wild changes in the future).

Anyway, what's missing, at least for version 1.0 is:

  • display vowels (hehe)
  • display IPA, not X-SAMPA (or maybe configurable, or maybe display one superimposed to the other) 
  • color phonemes differently depending on their occurrence in the language (if they may occur in codas, onsets, clusters etc.) using data from the ini file
  • allowing languages to be stored in other ini files named phonemicon-language.ini
  • having a second combo box to choose a dialect/variant of a language
  • have other two comboxes to choose another languge/dialect and compare the two (using alternate lines) or perhaps allow adding an arbitrary list of languages to compare
  • export phoneme tables as HTML, or text, or BBCode (for posting on ZBB :) )
  • allowing one to create phonologies (d'oh) 

For further versions:

  • orthography data for the language
  • option to display orthography together (maybe superimposed) with phonemes
  • (after having orthography and constraints) produce and/or store lists of words (but I'm undecided about storing them - maybe it would detract from the purpose of the program)

Download prototype - Windows version

Click here to download a .zip file with the program, plus the qt dll, plus the .ini file.

Download prototype - Linux version

Click here to download a .zip file with the program, plus the needed Kylix libs, plus the .ini file. You should probably install the libs somewhere where it's permitted to load libs, or just cd into the directory and run:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./Phonemicon