Spinach Leaf Roll Ups

1 cup spinach leaves
3 Wedges Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Lite
1/2 Red Bell Pepper

Here's a quick little colorful bite perfect for a last-minute appetizer platter or just to have as a snack that will leave you satisfied and feeling virtuous for making healthy choices. And these couldn't be simpler to make, especially if you start with a bag of prewashed spinach.

Find the darkest sweet red pepper in the produce bin and cut into 1/4" strips about the width of your spinach leaves. I looked for baby spinach leaves because they're flatter than the full size crinkly spinach and easier for this recipe. Simply choose the largest flattest leaves from the bag and pinch off the stems. Line them up, assembly line style, and spread with a thin layer of Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Lite. This is easiest if the cheese is at room temp. You'll need about one triangle of Laughing Cow for every half dozen or so leaves.

Position a matchstick of the red pepper at the base of each leaf and roll up tightly. The cheese is just sticky enough to hold them together for serving (and definitely long enough to pop them straight into your mouth). Voila! I just made you eat spinach and love it.

**Count this as one vegetable serving and 3 condiment servings if you are following the Take Shape for Life program and eat all on the above list.**