DH Wrapper VST

Dolby Headphone DLL VST Wrapper 

"DH Wrapper" is a VST plug-in that processes 5.1 surround sound content and outputs 2 channel binaural signals. The result is, surround sound through headphones. "DH" stands for "Dolby Headphones" as this VST plug-in wraps the functionality of the "DOLBYHPH.DLL" file installed with software DVD players. In fact, even the demo version of WinDVD installs a fully working version of the needed DLL file.

The idea for this project began after Chungalin wrote a plug-in for Foobar 2000, doing the same thing. Tasty Mousakas wanted a real-time solution to experiment with surround sound, and so decided to write this VST version.

It is based a Windows based, version 2.4 of the VST standard, does not support 64-bit platforms, or 64-bit processing. There are 6 inputs and 2 outputs to this plug-in. The inputs correspond to Front Left, Front Right, Centre, LFE, Surround Left, and Surround Right, while the outputs are Headphone Left, and Headphone Right. Acceptable sample rates are 48000, 44100, 32000, 22050, 16000, 11025, and 8000 samples per second. There is only one parameter, "Room Type", and that only has three options: Small, Live, and Movie Theater. As the names suggest, these adjust the size and characteristics of the virtual listening room used for processing. The plugin is known to work fully with the following hosts:

First place "DHWrap.dll" in the folder where your VST host reads VST plug-ins from. Then you need find the "DOLBYHPH.DLL" file installed in your system, make a copy of it, and place the copy in your "System32" folder.

If you there is nothing but silence comming out from the plugin, it means the DOLBYHPH.DLL file has not been found in the "System32" directory.

Thanks to Chungalin for the biggest part of the project, figuring out the interface to the dll.
Alessandro Gallo for the VST 2.4 Wizard.


  • 1.2 - The plugin now informs the host of the initial delay, for accurate synchronisation.
  • 1.1 - Fixed problem where the front left and front right channels were silent in some host applications, such as Nuendo and Cubase - 28/12/2006
  • 1.01 - Smoother parameter changing - 17/11/2006
  • 1.0 - Initial version - 15/11/2006

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Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories. DH Wrapper is a copyrighted product, and the "DOLBYHPH.DLL" must never be distributed with it. It is not to be redistributed for profit or bundled with any other product without written consent.