Sun-dried Tomatoes

1. Rinse and dry your tomatoes.

2. Cut smallish tomatoes in half (larger ones you'll want to cut in small pieces).

3. Salt or sprinkle with any other herbs you wish.

4. Place on food dehydrator with none touching or overlapping.

5. Set dehydrator to 135 degrees and dry for 8-16 hours or until tomatoes are chewy throughout. Check tomatoes throughout drying and remove those that are done before the others.

6. Remove from dehydrator and let cool.

7. Place in Ziploc bag and seal tightly with as little air as possible left in the bag.

8. Store for several weeks on the shelf or right on through the winter in the freezer. (I like to double bag the freezer tomatoes.)

9. Eat on pastas or as snacks when the dreary cold days of winter leave you longer for sunnier times.

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