Full-proof Caramel

1. Fill bottom of saucepan with shallow layer of water--just a centimeter or so will do. It just has to be covered.

2. Pour the sugar in the center of the pan--just in a heap. Don't bother to stir or smooth it.

3. Cover pan.

4. Turn burner on medium high.

5. Sugar will start to melt and bubble. When bubbles just begin to color, take lid off and turn heat down.

6. Allow it to get to a nice amber color. I'm always worried about burning, so mine tend to be a little lighter. But the darker you get it without burning the more complex and perfect the flavor of your caramel will be.

7. When it's the right color, take it off the heat.

8. Add specified amount of butter and incorporate completely.

9. Add specified amound of cream and mix it in.

10. You're done. Don't lick the spoon too quickly. This stuff is hot.

11. To clean pan, let it soak. It'll come off.

Posted by The Tasty Cheapskate