Curried Chickpeas with Greens

Serves 4-6 

Prep and cook time: 30 minutes

Cost: $4.10

(chick peas: 1.32, onion: .20, tomato sauce: 1.50, bok choy: 1.00, other stuff: .08)

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 large yellow onion, diced

3 garlic cloves, mince

1 Tbsp minced peeled fresh ginger (or 1 tsp ground ginger)

4 tsp curry powder

2 cans (15 oz) chickpeas, rinsed and drained

2 C water

2 C tomato sauce--I used homemade (or two cans (15 oz) stewed or diced tomatoes--could be added with or without sauce, depending on how soupy you want it to be)

3 C bok choy (or other green)

1 tsp salt (and maybe a dab of Better Than Bullion if you are not a strict vegetarian)

1 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro, optional

A few notes before we begin. You can substitute any green for the bok choy (spinach, kale, chard), though you should know that something soft like spinach will need to be thrown in at the very end of cooking while something like kale, you'll want to put in earlier--probably halfway through the onion cooking time or at least with the chick peas. I'll add tips for adaptations in the instructions below. 

Heat in a sauce pan while you dice your onion. Throw them in and stir them around to coat. Let them cook over medium, stirring occasionally until they're nice and golden. This will take about 10 minutes.

In the meantime, cut your bok choy. You're going to cut the thick stems off the leaves and then dice up the stems. Throw these stems in with the onions after the onions have cooked for about 5 minutes. [At this point if you're using a sturdy green like kale, you can toss it in too.] Reserve the leaves and give them a chop. Then mince your garlic and your ginger. 

When the onions are ready, add the garlic, ginger, and curry powder. Stir around until fragrant. Add chickpeas, tomato sauce, and water. Bring to a gentle simmer and simmer until everything is warmed through and tender. Stir in leaves from bok choy and cilantro if using. [At this point if using a soft green like spinach, you can toss it in.] Cook until wilted--about 2 minutes. 

Add salt and/or dab of Better Than Bullion to taste. I also added a good sprinkle of black pepper and a dash of cumin just because. 

Serve over grain of choice or eat it as is. 

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